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Manager, 2015-Present

Escape Canton was the first escape room company to open in Canton Ohio in summer of 2015. Hosting 7 unique escape rooms we provide an exciting one of a kind experience or our customers. As Manager, Technical Director, and Room designer I have had the pleasure of creating all seven rooms. From partnerships with other companies to create rooms to three original designs. These rooms operate all year around avaging 250-300 customers a week keeping myself and the other 7 staff members excited to create an exciting experience to every customer.



The first 60 minute escape room at Escape Canton. Open in 2015 this was an collaboration between myself and Evilustions an haunted house and escape room vendor. In 2018 for two weeks we went and completed and entire overhaul of the game, from everything scenic and puzzle related the room was changed and improved.



Heist is the second 60 minute room that opened in 2016. This was my first original design. This escape room takes up to 10 individuals into a bank heist to where you have to navigate and security laser grid to break into the main vault and steal all that you can before the police arrive.



15-Minute Mobile escape room

For years sitting around the building there was this pristine working ambulance that we had no plans what to do with. Until one day I had the idea to make an escape room out of it! pitch the idea to the owner and now Escape Canton has its very own mobile escape room that has been to everything from graduation parties to community events.


Serial Killer

45-Minute Escape Room 

The Serial killer escape room was produced from the partnership between Pale Night Productions and Escape Canton. The two companies worked side by side from scenic to game play. Working with a company located in St. Louis was a challenge on a logistical level. After a month of build time we they shipped out props and puzzles from their shop to be installed, after another week of install we had a fully functioning escape room.


The Cursed Tomb

30-Minute Escape Room 

Taking an old office and turning it into a cursed tomb was no small task. With a crew of two and about four weeks we had challenges from pulling the carpet alone to texturing and painting. From bottom to top we transformed an 12’X12’ room into a fully interactive complex mission for customers to escape from. Each one of the wall stones were carved by hand from different thickness of ply wood, from luan to ¾”. Then textured the walls and ceiling with a 1 to 1 paint sand mixture to give the feel of real stone.


Jail Escape

30-Minutes Escape room 

The Jail Escape was the first escape room that I have completed, located in an old construction office trailer. 30’x12’ trailer that was turned into two 30 minute escape rooms and was designed to be able to be transported to various events.


Zombie Safe House

30-Minutes Escape Room 

The second half of the office trailer we turned into the customers last hope if surviving a Zombie apocalypse. Having only 30 minutes to call for help the customers have to complete mazes and unlock padlocks before time runs out.